Starting to worry. Got a Cardiac CT scan coming up. Thought it was a simple thing like an X-ray in and out in not time. Reading up on it sounds worse in for hours drips dyes and side effects

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I have had several. Basically you are there for just about 20 min to 30 min. If you need a contrast you will probably have an IV. Its a circular machine that you basically go through. It is a very simple proceedure.

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I was thinking the same thing but I had one of these done. It was actually pretty quick. They sedated me and before I knew it…it was over before i knew it

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I suppose it depends on what they are scanning for, but my experience with CT scans is that they are pretty painless. Generally there is a contrast dye that they inject or deliver with an IV, and there is the usual hospital bureaucracy:

  1. get there & check in
  2. change into a hospital “gown” (the kind that reveals more than conceals)
  3. wait
  4. answer a bunch of questions
  5. wait
  6. get injected with the dye
  7. wait
  8. lie down in the machine for some time (again, depending on how much of you they are scanning; max. about 40 minutes, I’d say)
  9. wait while they check to make sure they’ve got some good pictures or whatever
  10. change into normal clothes
  11. leave
    Typical hospital visit, really :slight_smile: Nothing to worry about.
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We hope your test goes well and thank you all for your fantastic support! Tests are scary and so little information is given to you beforehand and often googling it is very scary! Also, welcome @RUDEMASTER! -SG