Any out there need a friendI could use one

Argh! Well my week has started tough...but it's ok, i'm going to try and be strong. But I was wondering is there anyone who would like to be my email buddy? just like over and back everyday, kind of thing. Just to keep our heads above water on the rougher days and try prolong the happier times.

My family are great and my friends to, but I would like to have someone to talk to who really "gets" it...just like a supportive friend who understands. I am a good listener and I enjoy helping others, I also like, just general chit chat from others.

So if there is anyone interested that would really make my day :)

Be strong, every little struggle is one step closer to recovery.

Warmest Wishes
Moongal x

I need a friend! Would love to get to know you better...feel free to send me message...

I also need a friend that understands what we go through. I am willing to offer support, share experiences, and work through this disease together.

hi im new and i could use a friend too send me a message.

welcome to the support group people :D

i hope u will continue to post and chat here as well as have email buddies.

extending a helping hand any way i can

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Oh absolutely, this site has been my saving grace.

if you need anyone to talk to moongal, im here....

message me if you like,


I'm here for anyone who needs support, also looking for someone to count on...

welcome taylor

glad to have u aboard the support group bus :D

keep posting and chattin

loving vibes and positive thoughts

here for you mate

I'll be happy to "talk" to you anytime. We can't conquer this illness takes support.


now all we need to do is find a topic of conversation :D

loving thoughts and positive vibes

I am new and would like to receive support and give support. The night binging is driving me crazy!! I can't seem to stop for any significant time.

Hi Arlo,

You and I seem to be fighting the same issue…night bingeing. I go to bed and within 15 minutes I’m up prowling through the pantry and freezer for whatever treats I can find. My biggest weakness is ice cream so I have decided not to buy it anymore, even though my husband will miss it terribly. I can usually pack in an extra 500-600 calories at night. I have never done this until I took Ambien for a while…that’s what got me started. Now, I don’t know how to stop. I’m looking for support too. Maybe we can “buddy up” and help each other.

hi arlo

welcome to supportgroup.

im sure u will gets lots of support and b a fantastic supporter

i sometimes think the long dark hours are the worst for any problem, u cant use exercise or any of the normal checks u would b able to utilize in the daylight hours.

hang in there

keep chattin and posting

loving thoughts and positive vibes

i am new to this site if anyone wants to talk give me a message i have pulled away from alot of my freinds and dont really know what to talk about anymore

Hi Manc,

Feel free to chat away anytime. We are all suffering from a disease we cannot control. It is much easier to accomplish goals when you have a good support group. Just keep posting and you’ll find plenty of people who will reach out to you.

I’m new here and have already found several people to chat with on a regular basis and have received some good advice.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.


hi manc

welcome to support group as it name suggests we all just try to do our best throw a suggestion or two into the ring and off we will go but dont forget to keep docs and consuling going if u have/need it

wishing u well and looking forward to seeing your next post

keep posting and chattin

loving thoughts and positive vibes

This is my first time trying a support group. Been depressed for a very long time. Am currently on Cymbalta, don,t think it is helping much. Just need to talk to someone. Have had a lot of loss and am scared about the future. Is there anyone out there who would like to listen?

Hey Jodah,
I am here for you and happy to talk to you any time, just drop me a mail. It's a good thing you are trying for help...keep at it...I'm here for you.

Warmest Wishes for your day
Moongal x