Any thoughts on weinging off at home

ok so i have a full time job and find it to difficult to go to out patient treatment facilities. I have a wife at home that wants to help me and stand by my side. My question is what are your thoughts on weinging off pills at home. I have tried Soboxin in the past. This time around i want to do it at home. Mostly because my job is not flexible enough to go to the facilities during the times they are avaiable. I know this isnt ideal however i am confident that my wife will help. I just need other thoughts on all this. It is hard enough going through this alone the more support the better

Hey there,
I'm recovering addict of 2 and a half years and have been through it all, detox intensive out patient.. and so on. I know ppl from my NA and AA meeting that have done it at home but it's tough. You will probably need to take at least 3 days off from work to get you over the worst. When i was in detox, the doc. gave my saboxon too, and that was over three days. Maybe your primary care dr. can prescribe you something to get you over the worst. If you do it at home, try taking warm baths and showers, try massage or anything that can relax you.
I hope i was of some help. Good luck and stay strong YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
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thank you so much for the help. Its never easy to do this alone and the more support i have the stronger it will make me. i was thinking about taking a week off. my wife is going to work her schedual so that she is home with me as much as possible for the first few days. I know it will be tough but i also have faith that i can beat this