Anybody else feels like there is a hedgehog or a porcupine r

Anybody else feels like there is a hedgehog or a porcupine running wild under their skin? I think I could manage all the other sympthoms, but the pain is just killing me...

yes. it is very painful. Are you taking anything for the pain?

@Cnicolle Yeah, Ibuprofen mostly, and I doubled my anxiety meds, make me kinda more numb and helps me sleep…it feels as if I felt the individual nerve endings, right?

You need pain meds asap!

So you’re not taking acyclovir or some other type?

@Cnicolle I’m having Herpesin, it’s antivirotics. (Not from the US, the brand name might differ…)

Okay well I heard abreva works too if you apply it to the area

Acylovir does nothing for pain! It's just an antivral usually taken for 7 days. Only thing that helps the pain is narcotics in my case & it only dulls & helps me get some sleep. Gabapentin (Neurontin) didn't do much for pain although I'm still taking it also (prescribed for the nerve pain). Herpecin is just like bacitracin or vaseline? Don't think it would do anything at all for the pain & shingles like tingles, burning, iteching etc as it IS under the skin- it's the nerve pain roster virus inside our system. Itching is from the sores? & I find the lidocaine patch helps numb it ( iot ried the cream it works a bit but only temprorary0 just like witch hazel, calamine lotion) much longer so the itching is alleviated some as is the pain a bit. HTH, I've been reading all oer & saw both internist, Primary & Dermatologist - finally Pain management. PPain pills help the most but I hate the dizziness I get from them. Take only when pain severest & ultimately fall asleep.

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I have it in 5 different places on my upper arm where you get flu shot and I have it on the inside of my arm and on my hand thumb and inner meaty part of my hand that is attached to your thumb. My hand feels like its been paralyzed. My symptoms are numerous. Burning, itching, stabbing, gnawing , tingling, numbness and it feels as though my whole arm\hand\fingers are going to enplode. Then there is a feeling like my whole arm, hand and fingers are frozen, like as if your sooooooo frozen that your skin burns like hell. I can't grasp anything with my left hand because I don't have the strength to hold onto anything plus I can't close my hand. I'm going flipping NUTS!!!! Many times I have given thought to driving to a bad part of the City and asking somebody if they have or know of anyone who sells Fentanyl because I honestly don't think that I can keep living with this pain and all of the **** this is causing me in my life, my marriage and just everything else. :-(

@Ninaof2 Hello Ninaof2, I can certainly sympathize with what you are going through. My experience is very similar only for me it is my leg that is mostly affected. The pain wakes me up throughout the night and makes it very difficult to get the rest I desperately need to build up my immune system. Hopefully we can draw strength from each other in this forum and somehow get through it one painful shingles attack at a time. God bless.