Anyone been in a car crash and wants to talk about it with m

Anyone been in a car crash and wants to talk about it with me

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I'm listening.

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We're u also in a car crash?

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Thank u :)

@alpha_pisces I’ve been in a car crash and have PTSD now because of it so I just want someone to talk about what it was like if that’s ok

Several. I've seen your post. What I haven't seen is what you have seen.

@Mindslave1 ???

@alpha_pisces I was driveing home from collage when a drunk driver hit me. I just parked so I didn’t have my seat belt on. I don’t have any scars or need surgery or anything like that but I do have some memory loss, PTSD and I want to chat to someone who has been through somewhat the same thing. What’s ur story? You should support me so we can private msg

When I was seventeen I was on my way to school....and the short of it is I hit some black ice and roles my SUV into a telephone pole....I shattered four lower lumbar vertebrae causing massive nerve damage and I also shattered my left shoulder and pulled it out of its socket. It was horrible....I do not wish to get into to many details publicly.... But I will help as much as I can.

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@thedoctor the same happend to me :frowning: Ive changed so much since :frowning: