Anyone else a cancer widow with young kids?

I just lost my husband to liver cancer January 5th, 2013. Our 4 th anniversary was January 11th. We have one son together, he is three. My stepdaughter still keeps her regular schedule with us, she is 12. At times I'm ok, some times I'm lost, and other times i can't stop crying. Just looking for people to talk to in the same or similar situation. Thanks!

I lost my husband to lung cancer, I am 28. I also have a son who is 3.

I'm deeply sorry for your loss. What things do you do to cope with your feelings?

My condolances to both of you. I realize I was fortunate to have had my husband until our children were grown. I do understand the emotional roller coaster, being sort of OK one day, then lapsing back into crying and depression, feeling lost and alone. That does go on for a while, but you learn to work through it and go on. Both of you have the best motivator in the world, children depending on you. Not having that made me feel like I had no reason to live. It's good that you found each other. Wishing you peace and recovery.

It is so hard to explain to a 3 year old that his daddy is passed away. It is gut wrenching to thinkabout how much they would have done together and now they are ripped apart. Neither of them deserved that. They are so much alike. Love cars, heavy equipment and trucks. Daddy could have taught him so much. Every night he would ask me on the way home from day care who was home. I tell him just me and him, sometimes his sister. After a couple weeks he finally tells me we need four people mommy daddy sister and me. Who is going to live with us now because daddy is gone. We need another daddy. It is incredibly hard. I can't believe he is gone so soon. We were planning on having another child. so hard.....