Anyone else every feel that they want to tell everyone they

Anyone else every feel that they want to tell everyone they have herpes? I don't mean just partners, family, and friends, I mean everyone and do it publicly.

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Well, I do think there is a need for more people to do that. If you can make it work then I'd say do it.
I don't know if you've heard of Ella Dawson but here's her story.

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Mooonths ago, I went to a memorial service. On the way back home, I stopped by a starbucks to do some work and then went over to the self-serve yogurt place next door. I was talking with the woman there. We went back n' forth for a bit. And I was at a time when I really wanted to tell someone and have someone to talk with. So here was my first time telling a 'stranger'. It came out and while I felt relieved, I then anxiously awaited a response. That moment felt like forever... And when she reciprocated back with some heartfelt sympathy that didn't make me feel any better.
I've told 2 people who don't have it and both responses were "not able to relate". ...I don't know how to explain that deeper. But then there are the people who do have it and the exchange is much better.
Not saying that will be yours or everyone else's experience but I have my group of friends who have herpes and I can talk about that stuff with. ...And then there's everyone else who I just leave that info out.

I went through a phase of wanting to make flyers and post them throughout the university campus. I made an awareness website. I went nuts with working this out and doing stuff that would make me feel better. Having a friend to talk with who is also going through the same thing has been the most therapeutic. For that, I made up a google voice # and readily give it out to people who need to talk.

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I have actually thought about sharing this on a dating site I'm a member of. You find people that say I love you let's forgo the precautions. Then you meet some that say you touch yourself and I will touch myself. Be nice to weed out people that are not wanting something serious. Also felt if more people were public it wouldn't be such a stigma about it.

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i got drunk the other night and told a guy i was seeing that i have herpes, he didnt believe me ...seriously thought i was kidding. Pick a roof top, I will go public with you. after everyone knows, whats there to be scared of?

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@Elloookitty I love this, I agree so much!!! It’s only cos of the stigma and taboo of it that its a thing! Nobody cares if you get chickenpox and its the same thing!!

@elloookitty sometimes I think the real stress of having this is keeping the secret. Many times I have just wanted to scream it. I get tired of worrying about being judged. If everyone knew and they were around me I knew it would be for the right reasons.

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I have told a number of people and they don't judge me. I don't think it is such a taboo issue here in Australia. I think we worry about being judged when in fact most people don't.

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Why is it a big secret. I will tell those i want to tell. Its my own personal business. If you had something else would you feel the same.

I was going to post the exact same question today! I have told five people in the three months of me knowing and I was thinking about telling someone else close to me but I'm not too sure. But yes I do feel like I'm holding a secret from everyone around me.

Ive also told a number of ppl as well. I figure if I'm stuck with it I might as well do my best to educate ppl on it. My mom is the only one that that is giving me the hardest time about it. Lots of myths she is reading and she literally thinks Im a walking Typhoid Mary now.

@Cali80 sorry to hear your mom is reacting that way.