Anyone else have issues with rage? Only happens when I'm tr

Anyone else have issues with rage? Only happens when I'm triggered. Otherwise, rage is not natural to me.

yes definitely. i explode like a volcano.

We have had many conversations about rage lately. It's a common symptom of ptsd. You might want to read some of the other threads to gain more insight.

Yep. It's important to have your outlets when angry. For me that means I go lift weights or go on a run.

i don't act out much anymore. I do get angry but what i feel doesn't surface. Im often scared of myself once in awhile that thoughts could materialize into reality. Space between my thoughts and actions are key and making the decision to turn it over to god helps me. I don't ask for help, i offer it to him to take.

Kinda why I'm living where I am. I'm told it goes with head trauma...I get pissed at just about everything. Even called a judge a f'ing retard. I don't remember it but that's what I'm told. I usually stay calm until I'm around stupid people. Problem is, people just doing nothing will trigger me cuz I'm sure they are I try, I've gotten better but it takes on a life of its own sometimes.

anger + impulse control problems = trouble. At least, that's the equation that describes me. I can totally relate to the stupid people problem. The world is full of them and they are a big reason why I just stay home. Learning to NOT lash out has been a very hard lesson.

I have an issue with a lack there of. May be a blessing but when it’s needed, I’m in trouble.

I thought I was the only one. When I'm triggered and have an attack, I don't freeze
I get angry and animated--screaming, throwing, punching. It's exhausting and totally not in character for me. I have a mild temperament, except for when triggered.