Anyone else unable to be open about your diagnosis? Thanks t

Anyone else unable to be open about your diagnosis? Thanks to
My husbands toxic psycho baby mama, I cannot be open with anyone in our life. This has made me push to down and try to ignore it but obviously it’s eating at me every second of the day. I have no one to talk to. My hiv dr is no help. Support groups scare me. What do you do to cope?

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why do support groups scare you?

Cuz talking about it is terrifying and I have horrible social anxiety, so I haven’t even been able to muster up the courage to go to one. I’m trying to find a therapist but it’s impossible to find anyone around here who has some knowledge and understanding of what I’m going through.

Stilly just don’t pass it and It’s a hard topic.. Try the support group’s u might like them.. About ur anxiety just take 20 min brakes 2 c if u like it.. Don’t let it get the best of u try it out for a day or two...

I have the same fear about support groups. No one knows about my diagnosis and it's eating away at me.

@Shanij38 same, I tried to reach out and look for someone to talk to a few times and it always backfires. So for now I’m keeping it bottled up. I don’t know what else to do. There’s nothing out there online that says ok here, you’re diagnosed you’re on meds, now here’s how you live life. I the stigma is still so strong that I could never handle telling people when I already know I’d instantly be treated differently.

True. I feel the same, but it's gotta be some8we can do. I can't keep on like this.

@Shanij38 I wish this website was more supportive. I would love to have a group of people to talk to that doesn’t require me to leave my home. Some days I don’t think about it too
Much and other days it haunts me to no end.

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