Anyone ever dissociate? Like that feeling you get when you'r

Anyone ever dissociate? Like that feeling you get when you're not human, look at a doll and think why does this thing look human but I am not? Its a weird feeling I get with my BPD that causes a lot of distress.

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have u tried threapy or journaling

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I have been going to therapy since I was 19, am now 28. As for journaling I lose interest and concentration easily. Its almost like I feel so much that I don't feel anything at all. Its a weird feeling that comes with the BPD.

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Yea it crazy how some day iam so emotional and other day I don't feel anything sucks I was diagnosed couple year ago but iam just now in last week seeing it in me sucks bpd

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@Woichneigewesenbin yes I understand stand it crazy we can love some days and some day we filled with sad or anger

Yes, all the time. The feeling of not being human is a sign of trauma. A symptom of BPD. You’re not alone in the feeling. To be honest the only thing that helps me is talking about how I feel. It’s the only way. Nothing else works for me. So I talk to pretty much whoever will listen. Whether it’s on here, friends, family, coworkers, a therapist etc. Keep voicing your thoughts & feelings.

These are all very interesting accounts of dissociation mine is pretty much like looking at the world from the outside its pretty scary feeling like I don't have a face or a body and just out of it.

i'm usually watching my life. not a part of it.

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@isthisme yes that is how I feel when I dissociate as well.

strange, isn't it? to be so detached there's no interest even. there are days when i could just sit in a chair, stare out the window, and do nothing else. days. i try to keep busy, productive. not always possible. when I think about it, what motivates me most is what other people need. or expect. cuz i've no clue what i need! :=\

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Yes I understand what you area going through. Some days I could just sit at the kitchen table and do nothing but sit and not think. Life can be overwhelming and it seems like there is always one thing after another and there is no comfort or rest so my mind just kind of goes blank to get away from the reality of it all. Do you know what I mean?

Thanks for commenting : )

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i've been having a hard time with this too .. another BPD thing is no sense of self and between the two i am having a really hard time. i don't have an identity and i have a hard time feeling my feelings because of my dissociating.

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@b666x yes I know what you mean. unsettling isn’t it?

@b666x...i zen drive, and often have epiphanies. some frightening. "the longer i focus on the person inside, the more empathy i feel". that's frightening because i don't know how to feel it. be it. what do i do with it? what emotions am i even empathizing? :-/

@isthisme i can’t drive the DMV in my town is always busy and my mom thinks i’m very dumb.
as someone with BPD feeling feelings is very hard and i 100% do not understand. people say i look one way but i don’t feel like that word. talking to someone in person is better maybe u have a best friend or a partner? or suicide hotlines. u can call at any time and they will talk to you

@b666x thanks. but does talking to some who does not have bpd truly help? they have the capacity to empathize, but not understand. that's why i'm on here i guess. talking to people who understand, well, is better. intellectually it makes sense. i can say there is a sense of shame at having bpd. i know there shouldn't be, but there is. that may hold me back from talking to friends forever. i'll have to ponder the shame. it serves no purpose. i should let it go.

@isthisme yes! people give me sh*t about my BPD all the time. but, sometimes it’s easier to think when you think out loud. if you don’t have a therapist, there are suicide hotlines the people on the other line are trained to help people!