Anyone ever see a psychiccard reader

I was having my "cards" read yesterday for my very first time. I didn't know what to think or expect, and I must admit I'm an astrology believer and yes I read my fortune cookies as hopeful, and I read my horoscopes. I don't think I'm naive in any way, and I was going into this situation cautiously. I had a lot on my mind, but my intent was to discuss my mother. Nothing of that sort came up because the card reader could sense there were other things going on with me. Weird. I realize these people can be trained to tell you generalizations and what you "want" to hear, but since so many of my friends were lined up to get their readings, we all had different outcomes and they certainly weren't general. The woman told me a lot of interesting things that keep running through my mind all day. Is this all hocus pocus? Because she gave me a sense of hope, but at the same time slapped me with a large dose of reality. I don't know why she had such an impact on me, but she did. Anyone have a similar experience?

xo, July

Hi July! I am a huge believer in psychics and tarot card readers. I have been talking to one tarot card reader in particular for 5 years now. There have been numerous psychics and tarot card readers who were simply there to pull a fast one and there are tell-tale signs of that. My close friend has been seeing psychics for quite some time now and she guided me in the right direction and introduced me to this tarot card reader. The wrong ones can have such a harsh impact on you, but the right one will definitely guide you in the right direction. One thing that I have learned is that there is no timing associated with tarot cards, unless they state a time specifically comes up in the cards. Again, I've been to numerous readers, but this one who I've been seeing for over 5 years just clicked. You have to have a connection with the person and they have to really be able to read your energy in combination with the cards.

There are times when the readings are pretty straight forward and others when they're super impactful. Was this tarot card reader referred to you and your friends? How did your friends feel about this person after their readings?

I hope that I answered your questions. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

There were no definitive answers or specific times, but she did see things happening for me in the next 6 months and particularly within the next year. There was a lot of discussion about my past, and since I was so reluctant, I made sure not to give any specific information until after she spoke first. She had a lot of insight on my current relationships with many people, all very very interesting and seemingly dead on. My friends too felt the same reaction as I did. Maybe we want to have hope or faith in something? I don't know. One of my best friends talks to a medium and she swears by it... It's just interesting, either I'm that transparent or maybe certain people have certain powers and have the ability to use their energy in positive ways. Needless to say, it was intriguing to hear what she had to say about my life. I don't know that I would see someone on a regular basis because I do feel my path in life should remain a mystery but it was nice to have some sort of guidance, kind of like a rest stop to know I'm where I'm suppose to be right now.

It is so wonderful that you and your friends felt a connection with this psychic. I truly believe that there are people with a special gift that they can share with others. I look at my psychic as a guide in my life, I don't look for her to tell me the future, because I don't need or want to know that. I just want to make sure that I am on the right path and have good surroundings. My friend said it best, she told me that she just doesn't want to be caught off guard, so our psychic gives her that comfort level. I usually don't offer up any information, I listen to what she has to say. Then, if I want more information about something that she sees, then I'll ask her to do a spread specifically on that. If it felt good for you, try to follow-up with them. I am a huge believer in this and it's really helped guide me so much.

I have actually done "readings" for people for most of my life, upon request. You really do have to be careful and selective about people that offer such services, and claim spiritual gifts. That said, there are many of us who are genuine, and care for the people who speak to us about their lives. It sounds as though she may have had some insight, and perhaps drew from your facial expressions, etc. There might have been a safe mix there. If she did not tell you something was very "dark" around you, and ask you for additional money, beyond what was agreed upon, then she was probably OK. This is a topic I feel I have a lot of knowledge on, so if it continues to linger on your mind, I am very happy to talk about it with you.

Sending positive thoughts your way!

Oh yes, forgot to mention it was free. So I didn’t feel scammed.