Anyone experiencing Hot Flashes

I had hot flashes bad. They started up in my early 40's. When they first started up several years ago, I lost at least 5 lbs in 24 hours - no kidding. All I could do was lay flat on my back on the couch. I drank water mostly. I didn't want anything to eat. I definitely didn't want a cigarette as each time I had a hot flash my heart rate would go up. I was having them about every 20 - 30 minutes. They started Christmas Eve and continued on throughout Christmas Day. I finally went to my doctor on the morning of December 26th that year. I had to have my husband drive me to the doctor's office because I was a total mess. The lady nurse practitioner there prescribed Effexor for me and that helped. She was in recovery herself and knew I was in recovery also. I didn't want to be on any medicine but at that point I was desperate and it really helped - it stopped them. I have since read that Effexor can and does help with hot flashes. My doctor told me about soy and it also helps. I drank and still drink Soymilk which I found to be helpful. I haven't really had any for a while. I don't wish them on anyone. They are horrible.

Some common triggers that can cause hot flashes include: spicy food, hot drinks, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, stress, hot weather, hot tubs and saunas, tobacco, and "heated" emotions. You want to avoid these if at all possible.

Oh yeah, I also cut my hair as short as I could while I was having them bad. I had had very long hair for most of my life so you know it was bad for me to cut my hair. I am growing it back out now. I went to wearing v-neck tops, low cut tops and low cut nightgowns. I couldn't stand anything up around my neck. Also dressing in layers is smart to do so you can peel off clothing when you have a hot flash.

There was a lady I knew at a grocery store I go to that had hot flashes. She would also have her a cup of ice at the cash register when she worked. She would eat the ice. She said it helped to cool her off.

Another friend of mine suggested having a cloth dampened with cold water putting it behind your neck.

Sometimes when I had hot flashes they were followed by cold flashes. Which is why dressing in layers is smart.

If you have a big enough deep freezer that helps also. You can go stand in it when you have one. LOL I use to stand in front of the deep freezer with the door open - felt good. I about froze my family by having it so cold in the house. LOL

My mother never had a problem with hot flashes but her mother had a terrible time with them and had to take shots for them. So it skipped a generation and hit me. LOL

I can laugh about it now but it was terrible. None of the women that I knew personally had had them so I was on my own at figuring out what to do.

If you like slushies, they help to cool you off.

These are the basic ingredients for one that I made:
crushed ice
vanilla flavored soy milk
whip cream
packets of sweetener (sugar substitute)

Mix the above including whip cream in blender. You may top with whip cream.
I forget exactly how much of each I put in the slushy. I just mixed it up until it tasted right to me.

So has any else experienced or are experiencing hot flashes? How were they for you. What did you do for them?

I had a very similar situation just this last Christmas. I spent it in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. Long story short, three weeks later I know that I am perimenopausal. These hot flashes/panic attacks are the most horrifying thing I have ever experienced. Some days are good, but some have me scared to even go to the grocery store. For me, the heart racing is the most frightening part. I have to lie on my back and breathe deeply and slowly through my nose and exhale very slowly through my mouth. I also use a cold cloth for my face and neck. I haven't found anything yet that works wonders, but my doctor prescribed something for the anxiety. Just taking it day by day...

Lord have mercy! i know exactly what your saying and how it feels to have hot flashes, it is sooo miserable, i cant stand to sleep in a night gown' I've been having them since i was 33, Im 48 now, and the brain fog, i get so upset with myself because i cant remember the simplest of things, feels so good to talk about it.

I am going through premenapause and no flashes but many other not so pleasant symptoms. Really feel periods of no energy, heaviness in legs, weight gain, intense cravings for sugar and carbs, very moody. Oh, and of course brain fog to the max! I am 48 and just ordered some supplement off internet. Something has to give!

thank you ladies
am doing the hot flash thing -- thought I was so young til this happened

am 51, and had rad hysterectomy at 48, the same age my mom died, never was able to have kids in spite of being a nanny at age 13

mothers day almost killed me


A fellow member of this support group suggested Prim Rose Oil. I am 33. My hysterectomy was August 2009, and with the help of my hormones pills menopause symptoms didnt start until January.....not the really bad ones anyway. Since January I thought I was losing my mind with hot flashes, brain fog, mood swings, and so much more. The Evening Prim Rose oil works better than I could ever have hoped for. You can take up to 3 a day but I take one in the mornings and another some time through out the day if and when I need it. I keep a small fan on my desk at work. Luckily my office manager is just as hot natured as I am so our A/C STAYS on lol!!! Hope things will get better very soon for you.

Hi all, have calmed down and just reread your post, Bluidkiti. Thank you for all your tips, and the reminder about the triggers. I just remembered another reason I stopped the hormones, was having heart palpitations and panic attacks, which have since stopped. This was most likely because I would not stop smoking. Am going to try hormones again and cut down on smoking. I guess I'll just have to face reality and make a tough choice. Tho I think if I feel better emotionally, may be easier to give up smoking.

Another tip for hot flashes: leather couches!

I have them mostly at night, I have to get up, go sit outside and cool down before I can go back to sleep. I find they come worse if I am stressed or upset. My main problem is the mood swings!!!

Ladies, although i am a male, i have been through this with the females in my life. It was hard for me to understand what they were going through. the mood changes was the worst, i used to get fed up, now i understand. I am into health and beauty products and i started a website that offers something for most everyone. Yes, even for you ladies who are going through menopause. It is called Menozac, have any of you ladies heard of it? It will certainly calm your symptoms down, and ease all of those bad feeling away. Go ahead, get over to www. and get the the health section and get yourself a free trial, and let me know if it did the same for you that it did for my mother, sister, girlfriend, and a lot of friends of mine. then you can tell your friends about the product that eased your symptoms.

I have hot flashes terribly. Sometimes I have them 20 times a day. I was not sure if my other symptoms were related to menopause or not until I joined the group. I can go for a couple of weeks without hot flashes and then all of a sudden I have so many in one day and end up soaking wet. My main thing now and the most frustrating is that I have terrible panic attacks while driving. I often end up calling someone to come pick me up because I don't feel I can drive home. I try to stay close to home and only drive when I have to. If I can avoid it, I do! I don't want to be afraid to drive but this is what it's coming to. I don't know if this will pass or not but I am sure hoping so. I have anxiety attacks anyway but I don't like having them when I am driving and it is becoming a real problem.

The thing I am finding most frustrating is that everything ... even the symptoms ... come and go! Had hot flashes at night for a while, then no more. Had no periods for 6 months and then gushers. Now I want to cry all the time for no reason. DOES THIS EVER END???

I would highly suggest you speak with the doctor.
These symptoms can be related to several problems. Only the doctor can determine the best treatment. There is hope!