Anyone Experiencing Memory Loss?

Hi everyone! I am so happy to be in this group! I am 47 yrs old and stopped having periods at 38. I have suffered with hot flashes which have just gotten worse and worse. But the thing that is scaring me is my memory loss. My husband has asked me not to cook when he is not home and it is affecting my work. Is this normal? I see a HRT doctor on the 13th of June. I saw a a few years ago and she said that I was basically out of gas so to speak on all my hormone levels when she took blood. I tried the cremes and vitamins that they recommended but it did not work for me. So now I am going to look into possibly HRT, maybe the implant. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I have the same problem. I have always had a prom with short term memory but when my menopause symptoms hit so hard earlier this year, it affected my memory even more. Some of the ladies here refer to it as 'brain fog' lol. Idk what to do about it. I've just been hoping that as my symptoms eased the memory problem would get better as well. It's the little things that are so aggravating like putting something down and not remembering where I put it after less than an hour, looking for my car keys, going into the kitchen for something and forgetting why I came in there to begin with. Just makes me wanna scream. But if you find out anything that helps with it, please let us know. And, no, you are not alone in this. Hope you have a great day!