Anyone feel this?

So, I'm not anorexic anymore, but I was for many months on and off over the last two years. I don't intend to go back, but I'm a little worried about what it may have done to me. You see, for the last year and a half I've been getting frequent chest pains. My dad's a chiropractor, so he's been determined to fix it. In the time he started working on me to now, other problems have arose though, and he's fixed those. So, to keep him from worrying, I just kinda tell him that those were the original pains and that his treatment has just made them disappear. Which it pretty much has, but those were different pains.
I've heard that anorexia can damage your heart. Now, I don't really think I have any heart problems. My dad's checked my heart and told me what symptoms of a heart problem would be. I generally don't have any of those symptoms. But, I am wondering if the past anorexia could be related to the pain. If maybe my body took nutrients from the tissues around my chest wall, weakening it or something. I guess I'm just kinda wondering, does anyone else out there have chest pains on average once or twice a day? Have pain trying to breathe or turn in a chair? Cuz it's become really annoying and really scares my boyfriend and dad.

If you are havin chest pains you need to see a doctor so they can perform all the tests to check your heart. You need to let your doctor know that you were an anorexic so they know what other issues to look for. Just remember a chiropracter can't fix everything they are not like doctors with all the equipment necessary to help you. Does your dad specialise in cardiology? Just think about your question, is it possible that not eating food which is necessary to keep your body alive could have affected you? The answer is a big YES. If your body is starving its eating itself alive to stay functioning and yes that mean attacking vital organs and YES go see a doctor something serious could be wrong and you don't want to mess around with your heart. I did my externship on the heart ward and trust me, the heart is very fragile and once you are sick with something, its a long hard journey and scary too. Get healthy and see a doctor and tell your dad to stick to doing massages.

I'm afraid you are uneducated on what a chiropractor is....I'm not saying he knows everything, but he's extremely good. I'm not saying that because he's my father, I'm saying that because there are four other chiropractors in our little town and he's favored a lot. He's helped people who's medical doctors have told them they need surgery. He's had many that make full recoveries without any of the dangerous and permanent surgeries their doctors said were the only things that would help them. He knows what he's doing. He figured out that I wasn't eating just from checking my muscles. He also informed me on how the body works and what happens when I don't eat. He probably told me in more detail than any medical doctor would. My father's a good doctor.
In my dealings with medical doctors, I've found most of them entirely incompetent. From watching my sister and mother deal with some. The things they've said are ridiculous. A medical doctor is out of the question. Not that my parents wouldn't take me, my father was going to in the past, but then I just said it was improving when it wasn't. I don't think it's anything serious. If I did, I would've sucked it up and gone to a medical doctor for the first time in my life. By serious though, I mean anything that could kill me or require medication. I was just kinda wondering if anyone else understood what I was feeling so that I would know that it may very well be directly related to the anorexia. Just give me a better understanding of what's going on.