Anyone go to the dentist after being diagnosed? Did the dr t

Anyone go to the dentist after being diagnosed? Did the dr treat you different?

They didn't treat me any differently, they just asked about oral herpes outbreaks.

@barefootm95 if u don’t mind me asking what questions did they ask you because i am curious if they are the same they asked me and if there is more knowledge or facts i could become aware of it would be helpful to compare with my information as to what was asked and told and their knowledge etc.

I'm quite sure that Dentist are faced with all sorts of mouth diseases they wear protective gloves so why would they treat you any differently

@lisajd this is a very good point.:)and also i smile knowing they are safe working on my mouth with the gloves on and are safe.:)i think maybe it’s just the anxiety of having to disclose to them and wonder are they now going to look at with disgust or request not working on u and have someone else do it and for people who already struggle at the dentist it could increase the anxiety and that’s just personally how i feel but at the same time i was just tripping out on being viewed differently or somhow someway infecting someone and i calmed down once they said what u said and realized that’s right dentists see n do this thing all the time but i get why u would ask why would they treat you any differently because u wouldn’t see why they would but unfortunately some doctors as well as dentists even if they are in the business they are in can tend to be ignorant or hurt a peoples feelings or b uncouth about making faces and such i am purely going on assumption because i have not experienced any of that and I’m sorry for anyone who does but i think that’s what goes thru mine and certain peoples heads is why would they treat me any differently they shouldn’t but they might if that or any of that makes sense.