Anyone have a 'hypodense' reading on your scan?

Went for my CT scan after getting done with 6 R-CHOP treatments. I previously had enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and now the scan shows that my neck is clear, I'm happy about that! However, it shows that I have a hypodense area on my cervix and right kidney that didn't show up on my February scan. They suggested that I get an ultrasound done on my abdomen, nothing was mentioned about the kidney just that it measured 4mm. Is anyone familiar with the term 'hypodense'?

Hypo means not enough- read the whole site at the end it goes into other CT interpretations not just the brain.

Good Luck...PS your MD may be able to explain yours better.

rascal, thank you for the info! I had done a search for hypodense but didn't find much, the link you sent helped ease my mind, I feel better about it now. I go for an ultrasound on Thursday, should find out more then.

An abdominal ultrasound should catch your kidneys too, those tests are frustrating, I sometimes think they make up their own words.This must be the week of tests for all of us. Keep us posted good luck!

A hypodense area in the context of your CT scan refers to an area visible on the scan itself and in/on your kidney that's a little darker than the surrounding tissue, at this point that's pretty much all the radiologist can or is willing to say about it. Often enough, these amount to "fatty infiltration' or fat deposits on the organ. They don't impede organ function and are not generally problematic.

I think what it amounts to is--- an anomaly. A 'smudge' on the scan. In other words, instead of the scan coming out and showing uniformity in the organ, there's a 'shady' spot. Sometimes these anomalies are tumors. Sometimes they're other things. Most of the time-- and I believe they're not uncommon, and are nothing much to be alarmed about--- in people who have somewhat recently finished chemotherapy (not on the cervix but kidney, liver yes).

Either way 4 mm is pretty **** small. While they sound like they're taking the proper precautions, keep in mind that the radiologist has an obligation to make a notation of a hypodense area, even though it may be tiny, like yours, because that's what they do-- read the scan and report what they see, consequential or otherwise.

Hi Marge,Doesn't it ever stop?Enough already.I'm glad Kathy and Ross helped out on this one.You just stay on top of them.Sending you loads a well wishes, glad you neck was clear.Hugs,Michele DX95 FNHL3

Ross, thank you for your post, it's very informative. I appreciate you taking the time to reply, I feel better about it now. I've really been down in the dumps since I got the scan report back, way more depressed than I was when I got my original diagnosis back in November, I need to snap out of it!!!! So good to get reassurance from my 'family' here!! Michele, thank you for your kind words, you always cheer me up. Been thinking about you and sending lots of hugs and love your way! Marge :o)

OK no more pity party SNAP out of it. Things will be ok...they have to your too much of a fighter for them not to be!! HUGS!

Keep us posted!

Well, I had my appointment with the 'gyn' about the spot on my cervix. The ultrasound showed that it is about 3cm. They say it is fluid and since I'm not having any symptoms it's okay. That is good news. Plus, the other spots that showed up on the CT scan didn't show up on the ultrasound so all is good for now. I go for my next scan in August. Went for a vacation in California in June with my husband and children, it was awesome!! I love the palm trees and all the flowers that are in bloom. Back to the real world now, started back to work this week, it feels good to get back into a routine. Thanks for listening! :o)

So glad you were able to enjoy your vacation! And get good medical news!

Hey Pumpkin, Good news, posts anytime, we all loves us some pumpkin-pie :)

Marge,Glad you had a good vacation.I used to live in Calif. in the 70s.My daughter was born out there.So changed since those yrs.You and Rascal take it slowly at work not to overdue.Stay well.Keep us posted