Anyone have issues with communication? Both verbal and non v

Anyone have issues with communication? Both verbal and non verbally. Still have 2 weeks before I see a nerologist. Im not sure if its bc of the gaslighting or if something is wrong with my brain. Feels like early symptoms of alzhiemerz. My general doctor was concerned too. Im so frustrated. Takes me forever to write something that makes sense. Im embrassed about my speech.. The wordz come out wrong. Sometimes, alot of the times, I sound drunk.

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Were you checked to see if you had a stroke? Is there anyway you can call and be put on cancelation list with your neurologist?

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@CKBlossom i thought about that being a possibilty too. Ill check into a cancelation list.

Stress definitely affects the brain. Are you on any new medications? I have found even some antidepressants dont help my memory. So i report it to doctor and try something different. The web has had a list of anticholinergic medications that can impact memory.sorry i lost track of the link i had. And as above post, be checked for a stroke.

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@bebobaBetty Oh excellent advice, yes for sure check.
I had a stroke about 6 years ago, thankfully a mild one, then after a couple heart attacks, again mild ones, but this can be be very serious, but the recovery rate is EXCELLENT. I have fully recovered from both and encourage EVERYONE if you are not sure …PLEASE…PLEASE …get it checked out!!! It is worth your time and can only help you now and in the future…sorry for the lecture, haha…but seriously take good care…to ALL…STAY SAFE.

You are communicating well here. When I have trouble expressing myself I am slow and deliberate. Doing that enough will help you express yourself as it has me.

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@Anewbeginning You are doing great ! and I thank you for the post, it helps us all.

@CKBlossom some days are good and others are horrible. Found nothing in scan but will keep digging. My pyscologist suggested it could be ptsd…

Numbers are all good in blood work. Only my thyriod and a was a little off. Have to go back to get tested again.