Anyone have time to just chat? I just got out of inpatient a

Anyone have time to just chat? I just got out of inpatient and I'm having a hard time motivating.

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I can talk for a while. What's going on?

Aw not much really. Just went and looked at posts about effexor xr. Kinda bored...seem to be a lot of unhappy people have used it. So far I'm digging it for what it does. The jitters and sweaty palms are like Ritalin, but rather than crying all day I'll take it. How are you doing?

I have had some pretty bad depression lately. Been in the bed a lot. So, you just got out of inpatient? That can be hard. Was there several times.

This was my third in 16 years. All over loss and separation anxiety from those who gave me the issues in the first place. Kinda like um what's the syndrome when you begin to love your captors? Grinning inside where it counts

@andrew_d Stockholm syndrome

Yeah, I hear you. I had to work hard to get over the fact that I will never have a father or mother to love me like I deserve.

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Yes, that's it. So do you have plans now that you're out of the hospital?

@Spacergirl not so much as plans but I have to move most of my stuff out of the house I grew up in. My siblings are assholles. I am 45 and feel like a dip sometimes. I have a house but its gutted and I have to spend the remainder of my savings fixing it. I haven’t worked in13 years. Yuck

Well, it's physical work, which will help your depression and it's something you have to concentrate on so it will take your mind off your problems.

I'm going to go for now. I have to eat something and go lay down for awhile. ttyl

Thanks for chatting be good and dont forget ti love.uck

@andrew_d don’t forget to love. Eghads