Anyone know of a good scar removal cream?

hey guys im looking for an effective scar removal cream (preferably something not too expensive)... most of my scars are ab a year old i wanna fade them as much as possible

Hi Hazel Eyes, I started using Mederma, which is over-the-counter, and is top-rated for scar removal ( If you go to the pharmacy and ask them for advice, they'll give you the best over-the-counter product for you.

Hi Puppy does it really work/ what kinds scar was it?

Does that work on really big, "bumpy" kinda scars as well??

I used plain old vitamin E-cream. It's not expensive. I have had two rather nasty looking scars and now you can barely see the one and the other the only time you see it is when i'm sunburnt. The one scar that you can't see was on my face, I got scratched messing around with my friends but it took off four or five layers of skin, and ran about two inches under my eye. (very noticeable). The other scar was above my knee about six inches total in length in the shape of an L very bumpy and just ugly now it's just a thin white line.