Anyone need to talk about anything going on I'm here for u

Anyone need to talk about anything going on I'm here for u

how are you doing?

@Chntbrnkr I’m okay a little lonely but not that bad

Always need to talk. Hard finding someone and when I do I never really open up.

I'm studying to become a counselor, I've been told I'm very easy to open up to and good at giving advice. I guess since I've been through a lot that thoughs are true about me.

I think you’re going to be a damn good one. Going through what you have gives you empathy and others hope.

would you like to talk

No thank you I'm good for now but I'm here if you or anybody else needs someone to talk to if there in a dark place

I can use a friend right now

@Bekahgirl okay, what’s up?

I'm just trying not to cut. I've gotten to the point where it's a habit and its taking over my life. I can't go to my friends cause they don't get it. I'm trying to quit but its hard.

Okay Bekahgirl where do you live and do you have a skype? If you really need my help then you will have access to my skype which is the best way to contact me. We can work more individually through your moments when you want to cut. Your not alone because i have cut over 30 times and my arms are full of them

Also if you need to talk to someone please call your local crisis hotline that u can find online or please call 911 if your even thinking slightly of killing yourself.

i understand how yow feel I'm struggling with wanting to cut I'm sorry your dealing with this

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We'll thank you for wanting to listen I'm just feeling unworthy because I'm a 35 year old single women with four children. I work hard as hell to get to where I'm at in my life but I'm not happy with the out come . However I'm making stupid decisions and I know it's not right but I go through with anyway and then I feel bad afterwards. I'm just tired of being alone so I do whatever to get attention from a man I just don't understand why I'm so hard on myself I just want to not care or worry about the what ifs or consequences afterwards but I can't please reply back with positive advice

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@Rna3430 may I ask what decisions your making you consider stupid?

Yes I had sex with a married man 3 times u protected and now I'm thinking about the what ifs I don't think I'm pregnant because I took the plan b pill but what if he got something real bad that I can get rid of my mind is just wondering

@Rna3430 well straight up you can’t do anything bout so don’t worry about the things you can’t control and simply deal with what is in ur control.

So in other words if you protected yourself, which you did, then for now your good. Just keep up on testing yourself and if anything comes up seek out a medically inclined doctor and they will point you towards the right path to go down.

But we didn't use protection and now I feel so terrible

@Rna3430 oh I apologize I thought you said you did, but still keep testing and if something comes up seek immediate medical assistance