Anyone need to talk about anything going on I'm here for u

@bigbrotherjohn I live in California and I don't have Skype. @rna3430 I get the fear and it's easy to feel alone. Try to think about the things you do have. I would go to the doctor and get checked though just to clear your mind of the fears and worries.

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@Bekahgirl that is quite alright. But I would love to individually work with you because I’m sad to say that fixing this feeling isn’t an easy fix. But that it doesn’t mean it can’t be obviously

Okay thanks and I will try to think positive

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I am just a mess. I am constantly thinking about suicide and how much easier life would be if I could just leave. I also have a past of self harm addiction, and I have had urges this past week from school and my self esteem. My depression has become normal and I can not remember the last time I was truly happy. I just feel so worthless.

@lindseyjones your case sounds more like your not allowing yourself to be happy, have you looked into going to support groups or therapy? As far as self harm goes, I believe CBT and a therapist would be most helpful, and of course you need to know that calling 911 or you local crisis hotline isn’t a bad thing. The fact that you even reached out today is a really strong and powerful thing, not many people who are going through suicidal ideations would be doing what your doing right now. With that said, like I said you need to start letting yourself be happy, look at your situation and know its okay to say to yourself “I’m a pretty cool person”! Hell, I do that every single day I wake up and before I go to bed! Your not the only one struggling, I have Major Depressive Disorder and Social Anxiety so to say the least living is really tough to do for me at times…