Anyone on here who's recovered who's able to talk?

Anyone on here who's recovered who's able to talk?

yes. i consider myself in remission at this point. what's going on?

Mainly I just need advice. I'm trying to figure out what my triggers are, and I'm also trying to decide if I should tell my best friends about what's going on.

Ok, thanks that's helpful.

Yes, she has. Thanks

I do, or did, have a therapist. I stopped going because it wasn't helping. She didn't seem to know how to help me. Plus, I was super careful about how much I said because I knew if I told everything, she probably had an obligation to call the hospital and have them observe me.

Ok, that makes sense.
Yeah, I'm not good at trusting people.

Good enough for you? Good enough for me :)

@Error101 Oh no, There is no need for apology. I just didn’t want anyone to misunderstand and think it was OK to keep these kind of things a secret, holding them in.

You need to talk just private message me! Its easier for my phone to pull up then comments. I'm always here if you need help