Anyone out there like me

even though id be happy to never have to leave home again, and i hate crouds, sunshine on me, and huge open spaces, I still crave someone to understand me. someone who knows what it like to be me.

agoraphobia is only one of the things i deal with but it is a harsh one. i didn't leave my house for two years and the following six years i could only leave if i had my "anchor" person with me. now i am able to go out on my own though it still isn't easy. i am here if you need to talk though i make no promises.

Thank you ive been here in my house for 3 years now my groceries are brought to me my meds are delivered. i leave 2x a mo for medical resons but im working on being able to do treatmens at home. i too have an ancho freind but its still so much stress i have out right physcal reaction. I jokingly tell people im allergic to the outdoors.

I'm readng older posts, how are you both doing today? Any progress?