Anyone to vent to?

Anyone to vent to ????

You can vent to all of us. It helps when you get it out.

/jamesedwards not sure how active this category is . I have been suffering from partial ed I call it for years. I have many trust issues and that's what I think is causing it. Anyone else relate ?

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What kind of trust issues? Like cheating? Maybe it's related to performance anxiety? Did you rule out anything else? Did you see a doctor just to make sure everything is in good health?

Yes . My t levels were good and I'm in excalant shape . My wife of15 years cheated

Now I always think I'm getting messed around on .

Very stressful which messes with my erections

Oh that definitely sounds like it's all in the mind. Which I think are mostly 90% of the reasons for ED. Mind included I think. Which is why I'm reading these forums and trying different solutions. There are some great advice on here, hope you've been reading some of the threads.

@Jamesedwards . Yes it seems to get worse . I practice health masterbation ( not use of porn or fantasys) and have no problem getting elections . Not as strong as they use to be but like 90 percent but when it’s time to have sex with soon to be wife my head starts going I can’t stop thinking about past failure .

Mate, so sorry for what you are going through! PM me if you want a chat!

@AceDundee I’m new to group what is pm ??

Sorry for what youre going through I hope you get all the support you require and need remind yourself that everyone on this site is here to help

@amyyyyy thank u have been reading and see all the support and think it’s great