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I'll talk

Okay. I guess this is late. Couldn't sleep that night. Ever been anxious of not knowing something? Almost like if you're pregnant or not or if a loved one is going to die or not.

That's how I was feeling. Asked my mom to lay next to her. It helped a bit.

Yeah. Last night I had this heavy feeling. I don't know what was causing my anxiety then I remembered that I had inadvertently interacted with the ex. He makes me feel that way because I don't trust my world around him. Can you figure out what caused your anxiety? What's on your mind

@Almostfree School said to get my son tested for autism. In my opinion , they were treating him differently from the other kids. I think they or some of them didn’t like me because I’m a parent who speaks up and ask a lot of questions and apparently, they don’t like that.

Another thing, they aren’t real teachers; not trained or qualified. It was the only pre-school I could afford at the time. But now they tell me this. Regardless of what they say, I really did notice 2 odd things my son would do that is telling me to have him screened for autism.

My mom told me to take him out of the school and I agree with her. Most of the time I pick him up , he’s either moody or screaming from hunger. When I feed him he stops. Which means, they were not feeding him enough at the school. He’s almost 3, so he can’t really say, I’m still hungry or I want more.

I am a special education teacher for students with low incidence disabilities; autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc. The worse thing that can happen if you test him is that you find out he has Autism- then you get him help and he will be better for it. The worse thing that can happen if you don't test him is that he has Autism and won't receive any help. Early intervention makes a HUGE difference. A doctor will not say he is autistic unless he meets the criteria. If he does meet the criteria he will continue to be that little boy you love. It won't change.

@Almostfree I don’t know the teacher or the school but I promise you if he does have autism, you want him tested. You want to know as soon as possible so that you can receive all the services available. Best of luck :slight_smile: the teachers even if they are certified special education teachers cannot tell you he has Autism, only a doctor can. We don’t diagnose. We can point out behaviors that are not typical.