Anyone wanna talk?

Anyone wanna talk?

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Hello. How are ya?

@GrowingPains it’s just getting to night and I’m feeling really not good right now

I'm okay i guess

What's up?

i hate nighttime I'm starting to feel really uneasy

:-( stick with us. We'll keep you company. Might not hurt to turn all the lights and some music. Hang in there

@Namaste250 i had something happen at night a long time ago so I’m afraid of dealing with the nights

Nights get me a lil funny.. i am playing a movie and relaxing tho. What are you all doing at the moment?

@BansheeGal I’m talking to a friend on hangouts and you guys and listening to music

I have been having trouble at night too, maybe keeping the lights on is a better idea than lying in the dark for hours awake.

@FreyjaEricka yea i can’t have the lights off until I’m really ready for sleep

yes everything just hits me at night the depression, what happened, my parents health it's too much to deal with at night

Sock it to me. The ears are open

@Namaste250 everything feels like it’s coming apart in my life right now I’m getting to the point of not being able to handle it


@schenkm16 yes we can

it wont let me message u

@schenkm16 we have to support each other I’ve supported you and it takes a bit than we can message it’s slow

it wont let me message u so what sould i do