Anyone with hsv2 orally too ? like what does this mean , ca

anyone with hsv2 orally too ?? like what does this mean , can i literally not kiss anyone ever again without disclosing it to them?? im talking even family etc...if it's that contagious

Well...I looked up some information for you..because I'm not sure . Hope it helps

awhh thank you ! yeah it's just i've read loads about hsv-1 and know so many people who have it orally just cold sores etc, but understand hsv-2 is different genitally to hsv-1 so assume it is different orally too, wondering if it's more contagious / different symptoms / more severe etc. also im sure people with cold sores from hsv-1 don't tell everyone they kiss they have the virus ... i'm not particularly talking partners, just in every day life like friends/family if it's so contagious ... thanks for your help though ! hope youre having a good day xx

Yeah...I'm ok. I'm just batteling depression and PTSD. other than that...I'm ok. I would think you'd be okay. Call
Herpes Resource Center, ASHA
Phone: 800-230-6039

owh im sorry to hear, im always up for talking to new people , if you ever want someone to talk to ! yeah i would never do it on purpose to deceive anyone cause this virus is so nasty to have, it just changes a lot and makes things very awkward haha. Thank you so much but i'm from the UK and assume that's US number xx

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the UK ? lol…yeah thats the CDC number in Atlanta…im always up top talk

That's always been my question. Can you never kiss anyone ever again? For me that's almost the worse part

@Heart77 omg dont literally that’s what has been going through my head the whole week, can’t get over it…even like when you see family … the idea of having to explain it to everyone remotely close to me breaks my heart haha … do let me know if you get any info on it !

so you had a lesion, they cultured it and it came back positive for hsv2?

Whether how contagious it is depends on your personal situation. Some ppl have Hsv and never have an out reak. Others will manifest w persistent, uncomfortable symptoms. Bc hsv2 is so under-reported, it is the most under-observed.

Then only way you can know for sure your level contagiousness is to find a lab that works with hsv and ask if you can work something out to test viral shedding on your lips and mouth/saliva. It'll cost Ya little but going off web sites isn't realistic. This virus and you are alive and ever changing at a speed much greater than the last outdated cdc memo.

How long have you had it? When did it start?

find it so heartless people promoting "cures" when there are so many of us who actually have to live with this and come to terms with the fact there is currently NO cure . Would've thought on a website which is called "supportgroups" you'd have more sense or at least more of a heart

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Yeah, this guy comes along all the time to make an appearance and try to phish for desperate folks.
They'll be removed soon. He won't go away, might as well make the best of it and be comical about it. It's just one of those things.