Applying Law of Attraction to finding Love?

Is it true that if we apply the Law of Attraction to our love lives, then we will truly attract what we are projecting? I recently read an article about attracting the energy that you put out there; therefore, it is essential to put out exactly what you would like to attract. And it says that you absolutely have to love yourself first and then you will put out that good positive energy and attract just that into your life. On the other hand, if you don't love yourself and put out a negative energy, then you will attract that into your life.

I do believe in this and would love to know your thoughts.

Ya I absolutely believe this and not just in love, in all aspects, career, health, family. You get out what you put in. Have you ever read the book the secret, it's all about applying the law of attraction.

Like someone posted on one of your other posts "hurt people, hurt people" carrying around negativity will inevaitbly cause negativity.

I am just trying to learn to love myself at present, when I get there, I'll make room for one more:)

Love to you
Moongal x

I read The Secret a while ago and I really do believe in attracting the energy that you put out there. I always want to know others' thoughts on this. I do try to practice it and I really try to only put out there what I would like in return.

What comes around goes around after all.....

i too have to learn to love my self. If the laws of attraction are true, then i have some work to do before i look for that someone special

Heather, I can tell that you are a truly loving, giving, caring and special person, thus I know that you will attract that right man into your life. I am a continual work in progress and its taken me a while to get to where I am now and I truly feel ready to attract that right person into my life. It may not take you long at all, it's all about finding your happy place, putting that energy out there and attracting the same into your life.

part of me agrees and part of me doesn't. at first I was going to say YES i totally agree and then I realized that I don't. lol I'll explain. Yes some people look for similar people but sometimes opposites attract. There are people out there looking for different things. Some people like to be taken care of and others like to take care and be protective of someone. Some people don't like either and want something more equal. Some people want extreme affection on both parts and some people don't like the whole lovey dovey all over eachother thing. Some people like to talk and others like to listen and since they don't have much to say prefer someone more talkative to balance out. some people are unhappy and search for positive happy people. and some of those happy people want to be around other happy people but some see the sad person and want to go up to them and cheer them up. Some people need to be needed. I think in some cases yes you attract what you portray in yourself but not always. sometimes you attract something else. sometimes you do love yourself and are looking for a good person like you but find an abusive person. etc. etc. etc. so I say yes and no. but either way you have to love yourself and figure out what it is you want from a relationship so that you can actually find it. because if you don't know what you want, how will you ever find it? or how will you know if what you have is what you want?

Hi Rose! I think that the Law of Attraction essentially applies to you get what you put out there energetically and not specifically [your personality]. For example, if you are a positive person, then I believe that you will attract positive people into your life. Don't get me wrong, negative can still get in there, but you're much more aware of it when you're in a good place. So, you're not really trying to attract "you", but attract good energy. Does that makes sense?

oh ok. but I still think opposites attract. yes if you're more positive you might attract more positive people but often misery likes company and people try to bring you down -_- and sometimes I'm happy but if I see someone I know is unhappy I try to see what's wrong with it. but yeah for hte most part in terms of being positive ad negative yeah I think you attract somewhat similar energies.

Exactly Rose! But on the whole, I totally believe that opposites attract and those relationships work beautifully. My parents couldn't be anymore opposite if they tried and they've been married happily for almost 39 years. It's the same with my aunt and uncle who have been married for 40+ years.

YES same with my parents! very opposite! EXTREMELY! so much so that I just did not understand why my dad married my mom lol but I'm sure there were things that attracted them to eachother. I mean if you marry someone just like you you would be bored AND irritated hahaha I do things that annoy me lol Sometimes we can annoy ourselves =P ya know what I mean. If you are with someone just like you there is nothing to learn and nothing to explore. how will you grow? you need common interests but you need some complimentary things as well lol if you both have same exact personality you wouldn't be able to calm the other person down or bring em up or really interact. it'd be like being married to yourself lol I want someone similar to me in certain aspects but not exactly the same there are some qualities I have that I'd prefer my partner didn't lol. Like I have trouble trusting people lol so if he did also we'd never communicate lol but if he told me stuff and trusted me then I'd open up to him lol so you need complementary traits haha

I believe that there needs to be a healthy balance between bringing different attributes to a relationship, yet sharing many fundamental beliefs; morals, ethics, life outlook. And, I'm like you, where it really takes quite some time to build trust, but once it's there, I'm open.

yes morals HAVE to be equal or almost equal and that's no compromise! other things I can compromise on but not that! I also need intelligence and respect! and honesty/fidelity(chich I throw under respect lol many things fall into that category hahaha) There just needs to be a balance between what's the same and what's different. I can't feel like I'm dating myself but I can't date someone that I ahve absolutely nothing in common with ya know...

Definitely Rose! There have to be the key common grounds, but having different interests can add spice and excitement to a relationship. In my last relationship, we were total opposites, but I did experience a lot of new things which was so fun and exciting.