April 8TH 2024

Next solar eclipse!! Best day in NC


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Life without me i would stare into it. I am really down this morning

Sorry, how was your Christmas? Anything good?

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I didn’t want anything. I don’t know how to tell everyone that i don’t want to live. I don’t want anything other than NJ of self harm. My wife bought me a rain jacket, that i will probably never wear. She bought me a buzzer that we will never use, and a smart watch i could live without. I brought her an emerald ring and clothing. I didn’t like the stone color or it at all. She didn’t really like it to me. I saw a really nice purple gem ring for her that i Loved and wanted to buy. This is what i wanted to buy, but i didn’t. I don’t know what happened or if she would even keep it. Idk anymore