Are any of the herpes/std dating sites legit? The reviews on

Are any of the herpes/std dating sites legit? The reviews on positive singles aren't so good. How the hell do you date when you have herpes? Hi, my name is John. I'm a great guy, but I have this incurable disease that gives me no symptoms but may give you an itchy crotch for the rest of your life. Wanna get a coffee? I can't wait to see how this is going to go. How about some dating advice? Thx.

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The way I look at it if you have more check marks "good qualities" then x's " herpes" some one will see past it and see the good in you. As for dating sites I'm not sure as I havnt explored many.. To be honest even with out herpes online dating is a task in its own.. I would keep your eyes open for someone you meet in person you never know when you'll meet the one and as people say on here if they run when you tell them the good intentions probably weren't there in the first place

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Im not sure how it goes for guys. I think its about how informed the person is. I have dated 2 guys and told 3 others and none have an issue

@lisajd as a friend I wouldn’t care if you had it but are they sleeping with you too? That, I think, would be a miracle.

try it out. you never know until you do. I've made some good friends on that site. And I've also been creeped out.

Creeped out how?

I’d ruin the surprise if I told you. :wink:
Nah, just some people were very pushy about their sexuality or wanting to exchange phone numbers on hello.

It’s wild, usually I meet people that meld really well with my personality as I usually meet them in places we both frequent. And then here’s this online dating hub that is hosting ppl from all over the world. I’ve made a lot of friends on it.

Get out there and party dude, don't let a silly little skin rash define you. And skip the dating site, there for losers.

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@Anthony1959 not all are losers. Maybe they dont go out to meet someone. Thats offensive.

Get out there and party dude...... and by the way skip the dating sites, totally for losers.

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Hi john you sound like a great guy I joined 2 sites I have been seeing one guy and have met a few nice guys but I know it is hard I joined because I didn't want to keep telling guys that I have herpes all I want is a guy who I can hangout with and have fun with but I am not going to give up and you shouldn't either just keep looking

I have a hard time believing that a woman is going to risk getting this disease if she has sex with me. It's not completely preventable. I can give you genital herpes if I have oral sex with you. How would risk that? Seems to me if I don't get on an std site, it will be the dark ages again before I have any sex. That doesn't work for me.

@Bags2u do u have hasv1 or 2? Plus you can skip oral and go vibe. I think you should just see how you go.