Are there any online venues where I can talk to someone? I r

Are there any online venues where I can talk to someone? I really need interactive conversation. I can't afford counseling right now. Are there any hotlines for this?

I don't know, but there are plenty of people on this website who would be happy to listen to you!

@gettingoverit I feel like a horrible person!! What have I done??!!

I'm better at talking things out than I am at writing. :(
Looking for a way to talk through this madness. I'm not doing well. I can't seem to break away from him. I feel like I made a mistake leaving. I want to go home so bad, but my children have told me it's them or him...I feel like there is no choice there. But it doesn't stop me from wanting to go home it is just stopping me from actually doing it. I miss him and my home.

@Yellowrose10 I sincerely meant no disrespect to this site. I agree that it is great. I was just trying to find someone to talk to when it gets realllllly bad. I’m all alone in an apartment with my thoughts and boxes of stuff. Lastnight and today I’ve gotten completely overwhelmed with no one to talk to. I’m not handling this split from him very well. I’m alone and was just wanting someone to talk to.