Are there any other wives out there that can share their exp

Are there any other wives out there that can share their experience of having a husband with ED? My husband is pulling away from me.

As a man it would certainly be interesting to hear a woman's perspective. Is your husband not letting you help/support him?

@Jay121 No, he’s not. He started stonewalling me in November; not taking to me, eating with me, watching tv with me, would only go to work & gamble at casino for hours (anywhere from 4-12 hours). When I talked to him, he’d only answer questions with a yes, no, or I don’t know. In December I found an envelope from urologist & asked what’s wrong. He says it doesn’t work. I said to let me know how I cN help, thought that was the problem. Then In April, I found out he’d been having an emotional affair with a girlfriend from high school. I confronted him, he denied it all, even though I found phone records, ED samples and condoms. Then he finally reluctantly admitted he was talking to her after I was in communication with the other woman and she admitted they talked & apologized to me. He said it was nothing; I viewed it as cheating; he went outside the marriage to talk to her instead of me.

@stonewalledwife sounds like he's lucky yo have somebody as understanding as you. do you think it's a physical in he can never get an erection or more mental?

@Jay121 I am not sure. He won’t tell me anything. Doesn’t let me in. The most he talked to me was when he was telling me to find someone else to have sex with. That’s when he talked to me the most. I don’t get it. After that convo, he came upstairs & assisted me in toy play. But I missed the kissing. He didn’t want to kiss & I don’t know why. It brought me to tears after.

acupuncture / eastern medicine/ it can also be psychological - besides there are are other ways of pleasure;

@frustrated2016 I was thinking the eastern medicine route as well but he’s not into taking ANY pulls. He was supposed to follow up with his urologist who called him &'said he can’t help him, he needs to refer him to another doctor. He said he never called the dr back. I think he doesn’t want to hear what the dr has to say, or take any preventative measures (quit smoking, eat healthier, cut down on caffeine, etc).