Arrgh our government system

Hey I've been out of work since I finished college in 2008. I did work as a Project Manager for 6 months, it was unpaid, but very good experience and i bled my fingers to the bone for it.

Anyway I have decided that I want to go back to college and take a course that may help me more. Another road grant aid, because I already have a degree, so basically I would have to remain out of employment for another 6 years before i could qualify for that.

But what enrages me the most, is the way our government is throwing our money away...the most ridiculous expense at present €100,000 (by our minister for transport) for a flight that could have cost €100 or by helicopter €7500, and he didn't comment and now the matter will be dropped, why are we letting our politicans to this???

It is just ridiculous that the whole country is suffering because of these things. While the government pumps millions into failing banks and ignores shady policitians...and sends them off with €100,000's in their pockets and government expenses such as "sun holidays"??? Meanwhile, taking away child benefit and considering cutting pensions. When is the time to stand up and say NO, we shouldn't suffer at the hands of the greedy.

Maybe I am just angered at my situation, but I don't have a family to feed, and I can save to get back to college, it just feels ridiculous to give money back to a government, who has done nothing but slap the weak, poor and vulnerable.

Anyway sorry just had to vent. i guess I am pretty frustrated and depressed about the whole situation and I just don't know who to turn to for support, and if this is the government elected by the people, for the people, to make pratz of the people???

Oh I'm from Ireland

Sorry guys about the rant
Love to you
MG x

Glad you posted that, for me to go back to school they want $280/class, not counting books, I was looking into online or other alternatives that I cant afford w/my 18yr. old starting community college next week w/$2,000 first year for ACT scores, mtag, grant, federal, etc... it costs almost $5,000 without room & board. gee wiz I'm concerned, scared....... Thanks for the rant we've got a long haul ahead of us & have to count on eachother & exchange ideas, barter....

April UGH!!!!!!!