As the days keep going by, I seem to be getting better and b

As the days keep going by, I seem to be getting better and better. The less I make a huge deal about the intrusive and recurring thoughts, the less stressed, depressed, and anxious I feel. Im doing this all on my own with not much help with my therapist since she doesn't believe In this. For the people who are just getting started with HOCD or have had it for a long time, YOU WILL feel better, it just takes time and patience. Don't prioritize your thoughts, it only makes it worse. The only thing that I haven't fully gotten back is my attraction to girls, but I have faith it will come back... I just don't know how long it will take. Happy new years everybody! Let's resolute to crush this and bring awareness to HOCD because IT IS REAL!

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Same here for me I feel so much better I'm just accepting the thoughts and my attractions to boys hasn't came all the way back yet but I know it will because by accepting the thoughts it's scary but I know it will help me

Does your attraction fade in and out? I know with me that it does... When it comes back its not 100%, its maybe half way back, then when I lose it I just get depressed and anxious.

@Quest_On yes I’m still working on it I’m still working at staying at peace to even I’m still working on sleeping fully and not just a little bit and then waking up because the thoughts were in my head

Just don't give the thoughts importance. When I first started it was hard to fall asleep and not feel heavy in the morning. I'd never wake up with morning wood (sorry if that's tmi lol) and if I did have it it was not a good feeling at all.Now I can comfortably get it and not think much of it. As for the straight sexual and emotional desire that I used to have for girls, its pretty much gone and it sucks so much and that's where I'm lost right now. I've turned down a few girls who really started to fall for me and I feel really bad, I kinda feel like a thief or "player" but I'm really not... I used to be such a sweetheart to girls and just fell in love really quickly. Now it's just like eh whatever... I tend to push girls away because I'm scared to hurt them, I don't wanna hurt them when I'm going through this. It kinda scares me that I even have that thought process

@Quest_On yes my attraction levels are ehh right now to boys and it sucks I feel lost to especially when I can’t sleep and reminding you I don’t wanna be gay at all like the bought makes me want to barf and I’ve felt like this for days on and off I try yo not give the thoughts importance so I can sleep but then I wake up around this time 3:45 and can’t go back to sleep until 4:30’

I can really relate to you. I'd like to be able to message you so we are able to talk about our stories and such, and be able to contact each other for support if we need it

@Quest_On yes can you please support me back so that I can message you for this

I've never messaged on here lol so go ahead and send me a message and I'll message you back

@Quest_On you have to support me first it won’t let me mess bae you without it

I tried to support you and it wouldn't let me

@Quest_On oh idk why here let me try again

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