Ashamed but I can finally admit it

I am so ashamed, but I have finally come to grips with the fact that I have an eating disorder and need help.

I have steadily put on weight for the last year or so. I realize now I eat compulsively so much that I am out of control and I am terrified.

I don't want to eat myself to death! I need help!


I'm so glad you recognize your ED... Changing requires great need, I think... Desire, yes, but also a certain amount of fear. You CAN do this. You can ask for the help you need to change your life. :) Have you thought about how to proceed? A therapist is a great place to start. :)

Thinking of you,


I am so happy that you have finally realized you have an eating disorder. That is the first step to recovery. Jen is right! You can do this! Though I haven't started seeing a therapist yet, I have one lined up, so it is a really great start to recovery

allee :)

You are taking such a huge leap and you should be very proud of yourself! You have a great group of people here that understand exactly what you are going through. And by the way, I loved your mission statement! I know for a fact you can accomplish those things :-)

Recognizing what's wrong is such a huge step (half the battle, some would say!)

I encourage to get help, as you've stated that you need, and I hope that all goes well with that.

We're all here for you! Please keep us posted!


You guys made me cry. Thank you. I am hoping to attend an OA meeting on Monday. I am so nervous.

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like everyone here said---i am glad you are reaching out. you are great at helping others --it is great to help yourself...

have you decided for a therapist or anything ??

hope you keep writing about this and on here...