At the end of 2018 , I had stopped dairy and started thinkin

At the end of 2018 , I had stopped dairy and started thinking about fasting more. And going into 2019, started fasting more. I went from 204 to 195 pretty fast.
Then over the 2019 yr. I slowly dropped to 179-180
Just by pushing out my eating longer from dinner to breakfast, and then a day or 2 of drinking a protein drink and lots of water only.
2020 threw me off and 2021 was a maintenance. I went down a few more pds in Sept. 2021. Only to end up gaining it back in November from moving.
So now, 2022 , I’m 186 and I’m here working to get food right again. Walking.. and then I remember..
fasting is what helped me to start losing weight in the beginning and I should be doing that again as well. Adding it to the mix because it helps me to get into a calorie deficit.
I have been walking off and on for a few months but I wasn’t losing a pd. I wasn’t consistently walking everyday but I have had a few weeks of good walking and weight doesn’t change.
So when I started thinking about eating today, I thought.. Wait. . It has only been 15 hours since your last meal. You used to go at least 18 and mostly over 20 , you should wait. So I waited.
I noticed … I wasn’t even hungry , (which isn’t a big deal) but I wasn’t. I just wanted to eat. I like the food I eat. And I just wanted to eat. . I got some gum and started reading. That was 4 hrs ago. It feels good to wait until I am really empty and ready .. then I can enjoy the food … knowing I am getting in a calorie deficit.
Only way to actually lose weight.
I am walking and swimming and will build muscle.
Everything to push me in the right direction.
This is another thing. Especially because I am tired after all this walking and I want to rest.
Rest is another thing. I get my sleep .. sometimes I can get insomnia.. the walking can help tire me out.

People used to come here sometimes and now it is dead. That is ok. I will post anyway. I am feeling really hopeful ..
Back in March , I couldn’t believe I threw all my progress out the window, a lot of it, and have been working to get back on track since then .. I am finally making breakthroughs.. and I can tell you, when you finally make a breakthrough.. all the work is worth it.
I would rather spend my time hammering away to get weight off then ignore it and wake up to it in 5 years .. still miserable. Like they say being fat is hard.. working to lose it is hard .. Pick Your Hard!

And one more thing. I have a childhood friend who has been obese for over 25 years at least. Every time she sees me focused on my weight loss and making progress, she tries to sabotage me. She’s hateful and tells me she’s jealous. Doesn’t help at all. But I say this because there is usually at least one person like that in our lives who will try to derail us when they see we’re making progress. So you have to get real focused and determined on what you’re doing so that when you start making progress and that happens, it doesn’t work. Don’t let anyone derail you.

I’m so happy for you. It all sounds so good. I did the intermittent fasting. I’m better with night to day. If I do it during the day I get weak or shaky. Also a nice thing to do if your feeling hungry and it’s not time is drink more water. Keep yourself hydrated. My downfall is exercise. I used to do it all the time. And I was just taking about this with a friend. I can’t get myself going. And in a routine. I just don’t want to. I’m so much weaker then I was when I did exercise and I tore so easily so I use that as an excuse to not exercise. I also don’t k ow what would be a good pace to start myself with so I don’t burn myself out and not want to do the exerting

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@Tropicalstorm hey there…
I started with the walking. Just take a daily walk. It doesn’t have to be a long time. I started out with it being very short and for therapy more than anything. I have to get my dogs out anyway. It clears the mind.
Mental Discipline is where it’s at for me. When I wake up in the morning now, I know I have to go for my walk. And it is about creating this new habit. How you have to do is get yourself to do it every day for 30 days and it will become a habit and it won’t be hard anymore.
It’s good for mental health.

Then you can also look at things like swimming which isn’t so hard on your body. And think of it as pleasure, not pain.
More importantly, the consistency part. Don’t over extend yourself.
I did that when I first started walking. I got excited and told myself I was going to do 10,000 steps a day. It was overextending and I sabotaged myself. Give me four days of downtime to reset and start over. Now, I start at 2000 steps. Then I went to 3000. And now I can easily get 5000 or 45 minutes.
The most important thing is that I walk every day. Even if it isn’t that much. After about day four, you kind of hit a wall. You have to push through that.

Yeah, the water part is excellent. I get limes and lemons to run through my juicer and add to my water with a little honey sometimes.
Thanks for responding. I hope that you can push yourself to go out and walk a little bit at some point in your day that you can do every day. See how it goes. Listen to David Goggins on YouTube. Or Rocky songs. That stuff pumps me up. Motivational stuff.
Just modify it for yourself. The most important part is repetition.
For the weight loss part of it, it just takes getting real about how much food we put in our mouth. I was eating way too much. Something happened today. The lightbulb came on there.
Thank goodness because I’m ready to get this fat burning off my belly.