I was recently perscribed Ativan for panic attacks....does anyone have any experience on how/if this works? I'm very cautious with what medications i put into my body so just wondering if anyone who suffers from panic attacks has had any experience with this...

Hi Gina,
Ativan is a short-term acting medication, designed to help with acute anxiety issues, such as panic attacks. It's effects are faster and more short-lived than some other anti-anxiety medications. I would say that it could be helpful, but please only use it when you have to. There is always that risk for addiction/abuse, but if you use it appropriately, you should find it to be helpful.
Take care....Jan ♥

Thanks Jan, yes my dr told me not to take more then 2 just getting freaked out as i have to take the subway to the hospital for treatment everyday, there and back and i know i will have panic attacks :s

I believe and hope that your anxiety associated with this program will decrease as you adjust to it.
Please try not to assume anything before you actually experience it.
When does this program begin?
Take care, and know that I am thinking of you....Jan ♥