ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: For Anyone Who Missed It, The Follow

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: For Anyone Who Missed It, The Following Is The Latest Message From The SG Team, Expressing Their Appreciation To The Membership For Their Patience During The Site Maintenance:

Dear Support Groups Community,

We have promised to be open and honest since the beginning. We are so sorry that our scheduled maintenance went way over our project time estimates!

Here is the exciting news, we moved servers! What does that mean? Basically SG was housed on a small server (where all the information is stored) that can be likened to a serviceable 2 bedroom condo. It has now been moved to a much bigger server, one that can be likened to a 5 bedroom house in a gated community, overlooking the lake.

We are still finishing things up, but the site should be functioning fine. We thank you for your patience during this situation.

All the Best,

2 Hearts

Well the site sure is faster and working better.

Can we get an app for this that would help alot

Like an app for android to use on the phone I use this site off my phone in my chrome browser so I get to notifications late

@pickone OK thanks