I have a severe case of autophobia which means fear of being alone. I don't like doing things by myself, like literally anything by my self. I can not handle it and I just feel fear when i try to do things on m own. It's difficult, i do not know how to really control it and it is really disappointing because I cant always be around someone. I can't change this, no matter how hard I try. So how do I cope?

Musicmovemysoul have you tried talking to someone like a counselor about this? i know trying to do things by yourself can seem extremely intimidating, but have you thought about maybe making a goal and doing something by yourself each week? like taking it one step at a time. maybe try going to a coffee shop and reading a book by yourself. then the next week you can see a movie by yourself. it took me a while to get used to doing those things, and sometimes i still feel weird about it, but i try and make it ok to be on my own. If you have a sever phobia, please talk to a counselor or doctor that can help you through this and figure out what is happening.

Also a very closely related fear is fear of being left out or being left behind, which knowing that can sometimes help this fear to be more explainable, or tie to a known cause like childhood trauma or something.

Either way my wife has this (very mild) and I recommend a very effective process for it. When I first encountered it from her I was totally helpless to know what to do because it made no sense to me, but now I think I understand it a lot better, and we avoid the situations. For her it's rare, so not the same as yours, but I still think the CTRN approach can help a lot.

In regards to your fear of being alone...
What do you feel when you're alone?
What are you afraid of happening when you're alone?
What does it mean to you, when you do something by yourself?

Don't worry if you come up with some answers that you don't like. It's just a step towards healing that part of you. We all have things about ourselves that we don't like, and it usually comes down to how we felt as a young person.

These questions are important to answer, as it helps to find the real problem. This fear is the manifestation of what you think.

Once you pare down why you think what you think, it really helps to work towards ridding yourself of it.

If you're interested, check out the Youtube videos...Faster EFT. It can explain beautifully, how the mind and body works together, and how easily you can remove these problems for good!

I work with them in my own practice and they are easy to do, usually works very fast, and is very resonable. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Warm wishes,