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Today is going to be a great day! :D

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Woke up in a great mood today! Dreamt of my little girl listening to music in my arms and then got attacked with kisses from my fiancé when I told him about it. Yep good day :)

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@MamaBear0324 aaaahhh!! im so happy for you ! :smiley:

Can you ladies spread the happiness my way please?! I would love some :)

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@tweaver0222 Happiness is coffee and cheesecake! OOPS!!! We’re not going to talk about that today! YIKES! Good morning everyone. Hope you’re having a blast of a day! Yes, I AM up and out of bed again! The second day in a row! I’ll take a French vanilla coffee please! I’m going to go do the dishes (yuck!) and then try to paint! I’ll talk to ya’ll later!

Good morning ladies......... It does sound like a good morning........ Coffee in hand....... I think I only screamed for five minutes to get this one heated up....... :)

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@Mindslave1 hey good morning my friend. How are ya

Found you. Thanks @yoda .. missed out on the start of the coffee. Going to make a fresh cop our two, maybe some tea. Wish I could get my life on track like the rest of you. I'm feeling sad and defeated. Going my coffee helps

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@healing_hearts_survive a good cup of coffee is a good start

Good morning everyone

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@Natet0499 good morning. Even though I hurt all over and inside today because of my emotionally hard weekend I did have a good dream this am. I dreamt I was happy and my life was comfortable. I want that to be true

Good Morning Everyone! May sound crazy, but I have missed you all haven't been here for a few days. You all have made such an impact on me. Out of coffee, so hot tea will have to do this morning. God Bless and Hugs for everyone

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Hubby had fresh hot coffee ready for me when I got up. Yum...and it smelled so good.

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Let's have some coffee talk.

Hi, ya'll!
Thoughts for the day:
I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.

You're such a good friend that if we were on a sinking ship and we were in a lifeboat and there was only one life jacket, I'd miss you very much and think of you often...

With sufficient thrust, pigs can fly just fine.

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@Spacergirl very good. I hope your just warming up

How is everyone tonight?

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@lonelyandlost I’m hanging in there. How are you doing?

Careful ladies it's a terrible place to get stuck