Back <3

So it's been awhile!! I went to residential treatment and had a really tough time (me personally). I was just so unsure of even the fact that I do have an eating disorder that I was in denial the first two weeks I was there!! It didn't fix my eating disorder...or really motivate me but I learned a lot and am happy to say that that was one thing I could take away from the experience. I learned. I am still struggling to keep my life in check and manage my eating disorder and it's tough. I know though that when I am truly ready recovery will be waiting for me. How has everyone been?!?!

Sonrias! Welcome back! I've been thinking about you..I have a few questions: can u tell me how a typical day went and what was expected of u?

I'll message it to you :)

Thx hun :)

hey there!!!!!! is there a reason why--u feel it did not totally solve your ED?? why were u in denial of having ED?? you werent before hand???


I was in denial for the first two weeks I was there. I also learned a lot, but realized im in such a vulnerable place outside of my ED that I didn't think I could totally give it up...I''m still trying though

Welcome back !! You were missed! Im glad you learned alot! Thats a start!! Its a fight everyday but as long as we are willing to fight then ED doesnt have us 100%!!!!

agreed it' tough and it takes a long time but its worth it