Back in 2018, I did keto and lost a good about of weight. Pr

Back in 2018, I did keto and lost a good about of weight. Prior to that, I ate clean & also lost weight. I met this guy and had an off again on again relationship which transitioned to friendship even though I knew I couldn’t handle it. My weight started to pile on, I am sure due to stress and I was drinking when I was around him which didn’t help. After I gained a lot of my weight, he would point it out to me how I gained a lot of weight and how I need to exercise. Perhaps he was concerned, but if I was really his friend he would not be judging me. Coming from someone who is unemployed by choice. anyways, I have been doing keto and not losing weight and feeling discouraged. Maybe because of my sleep patterns, maybe because of stress or both. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m feeling depressed about my weight and I really need to lose the pounds. I know I’m overweight. I don’t deny that.

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@Yankeegirl71 hi! I don’t want to go against what you were doing at all. So I’m not doing that. I’m going to just give you my thoughts and feelings from my experiences so far.

While I’m not counting calories, I am aware that it is about the energy we take in versus the energy we put out. And that’s calories. We have to balance that out no matter what it is we’re eating. So whether it is a carb, protein, fat, makes no difference. As far as the amount of energy we consume versus the energy we put out.
For overall health and the nutrition aspect, I prefer a cleaner food as much as I can.
We can gain weight for a combination of reasons. But the one thing that I feel like we can control at all times, is this awareness of how much energy am I putting out versus how much am I taking in. So if you’re choosing to do the keto for example, you still have to factor in how many calories you’re eating. Fat and protein are -calorie dense foods- so you’re taking in more calories eating less food. Verses veggies and potato.
And you have to give yourself a lot of time to burn off those calories. So if you’re eating your meals too close together, you’re not burning off all of those calories.
Another misconception about the keto way of losing weight from my experience is that when you cut the glycogen/glucose out, (which the brain needs to function) you become dehydrated. You’re losing water more than fat. And that’s why you see a drop in the beginning and then it slows down.

The only way it continues is if you’re eating less calories overall. Burning more than you take in.

A lot of people will do keto or high fat/protein and they also work out a lot. So they’re burning it off. They will fast for 24 hrs between huge meals.

I am only maintaining my weight right now. I may lose a pound a month, I don’t know. I’m not weigh myself right now.
The only time I lost significant weight was when I was fasting more often. Going longer between eating and I was eating liquids.

Just like they do after weight loses surgery.

So I wasn’t getting a high calorie day every day. And cutting back calories every single day is going to give you a little bit of fat loss every week. Not water loss. And not a huge number. You have to burn off 3,500 extra calories to burn one pound. Real fat lose of 5 pds is actually great and you will see it in your measurements.
I would suggest getting a tape measure and write down your waist , hips and thighs so you can document. Expect a small number on the scale and an inch of loss around your waist.
I lost 25 pds total. But 6 inches around my waist. And you want to drink a lot of water. Hydration is crucial.
I never get enough. It’s a challenge for me I am always working on it. It’s ok. I like to make progress.

So sleep is a factor. Because you will crave more food when you’re tired. Dehydration. We think we want food but we really need water.
Stress is a factor because it throws hormones out of whack and you will probably stress eat without thinking about it. You’re not sleeping as well because of it. So it’s definitely good to get your mind ,body and soul in alignment. Inner peace with everything you’re doing.
Find some spiritual food. Rejuvenate by being outside in the sun. The sun is our natural generator. And water.

If you scroll through the weight loss board some, you might see some things that I’ve already mentioned. I support you 100%.

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@LollyNews thank you so much for the info