Back in the game

Hello! I received my diagnosis of Diffuse B-cell NHL yesterday. I will get my port on Monday and begin chemo on Tuesday. I am not entirely new to the game. I was diagnosed with small cleave-cell NHL in Jan. 1995. A had six rounds of CHOP and have been in remission almost 16 years! I have been blessed to watch my children graduate from school, marry, and start their families. My husband and I have a blended family of 7 chldren and 12 grandchildren with no. 13 on the way! I am interested in anyone's experience with some of the new drugs that have been added since the last time. I will be taking CHOP minus the Adriamycin. In its place VP 16 and Rituxan have been added. Neulasta is also new to me. I know that Neulasta should help with the low white cell counts. I was relatively young,(42) when I took chemo the first time. I took a regimen of vitamins that I still take daily, worked with a nutritionist, and a trainer at the gym, while doing chemo. Last time, I had very few side effects except hair loss and low blood counts. I was teaching half-days and raising 3 young ones at that time. My lifestyle is not quite so active at 58, but I do lead a busy life. I am an extremely optomistic person with great family and friend support. I am looking forward to making new friends! Any comments will be welcome!

You have such a wonderful outlook & I enjoyed reading your positive post so inspiring for all, thank you.

All my strengths & my heart goes out to you.

Take care of you.