Back to life

hi every!!!new here,and just wont you to know some.l'm from Belgrade,Serbia.this is country s/e Europe.rounied by wars,bombing,but,most important-by drugs.l'm 36.have no hope.have nothing.stop taking dop,have a dream,but not have money to dream become true.once a time,l did have.have work,love,,all my thoughts are about to make it?l'm not a criminal,never be.but,l desperetaly need about 10 000 euros,to by a car,and to save my house,ocupied by some bad people l own money them.what to do?if this post be visit by 10 000 man,and every of them send me a euro,maybe this is a solution?no,of course..
actualy,l want to say one thing.if this story helps one single person to stop use this evil dust,l will be happy.there is no money can buy a life.
but,l have sold mine.and,don't know how to make this money back.l will be homeless.
people,kids,guys,run away from this.dead is only you waiting for,if you don't say STOP.not tomorow,not after just one line.NOW!!!

Would be wise to try & gather funds another way if possible. Do you have any other relatives that can care for the children while you seek other alternatives?

All my strengths.