I'm tired. I can't sleep. I need to sleep forever- sleep is so easy. I'm hungry. I eat too much. I eat just right. I eat too little. I eat nothing. It's never constant- nothing holds me steady. I am lonely. I'm with people. How does that make sense? In confused. There is no reason. Life makes no sense.

i agree! and I am the same way. I just want to be happy!!!

I totally understand where you are coming from Allee...

Are you ok? Has something happened or are you feeling down in general? Did your boyfriend (Mike I think... although I do have a bad memory) come and see you this weekend?

Sending you big hugs

Keep strong



Has something happened? You seemed to have such good motivation behind you a couple days ago... What's going on in there?

Recovery will come in time dear...patience is one thing I've learned to develop with my ED.

It will all be okay <3
Paige xoxo

i know alle sometimes life is just nutty--i know . it is hard..sometimes the world is so confusing you cant make any sense out of it . i know . i know how it is to be lonely and be with people. it is just like--an empty feeling... dont worry you will pull through...
and it is hard to find consistency with eating and ED but you will get there as you are doing great!

maureen isn't easy. Period. But it's even more difficult when you are struggling with an ED. You have a lot going trying to balance your eating, the upcoming appointment (I know that's bound to be causing you anxiety!), even your boyfriend coming! Positive things can be stressful as well. Take a deep breath dear, and know that you deserve to fight for your freedom from this, and it will get easier. Life has it's ups and downs, but when you can put the ED behind you, life is a lot more positive than negative!! HUGS...Jan ♥

Yes, this all sucks sometimes, and yes, it's easy to get blown all over the place. But hang in there--you can do this!

Other than things being generally sucky at the moment, are you all right? Are you doing okay physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Are you safe? Worried about you!

i'm worried also...i understand how this feels completely, but these are dark feelings. I know you are going through a lot right now. Please keep us posted. we care and i miss hearing from you.

Hey everyone,
Sorry to cause concern. Sometimes I just feel wrong- like everything is upside-down. Mike did visit which was nice. He just left, however, and I am an emotional wreck. Ive been so tired the past few days and haven't been sleeping well at all for the past week. All I want to do is sleep. I don't even want to eat. I had a brunch this morning with mike, so I ate. I also had a mini breakdown with Mike here getting a snack and we spent 20 minutes picking something out and I just flipped and got all depressed and I didn't get anything. I was just a mess. I will force myself to eat dinner- roommate wants to order a pizza. It was just a hard day I guess.

And I am super stressed out. First off, I have that appointment on wednesday so I am freaking out. Everyday it gets closer the more I am anxious and nervous. And I also have my first big exam on friday and I am so so so nervous. I just don't know how to handle it all.

Just remember that you need to take care of yourself very well this week for that exam on Friday!

Thanks trueimage. That is one way to look at everything more positively. I will try looking at it that way, but I know until wednesday I am going to be so nervous because of the appointment.

Really thank you though. I will keep reminding myself of the exam though all day to keep working on my meal plan :)