Bad day hate the nightmares they never seem to go away the

Bad day hate the nightmares they never seem to go away the dreams of the guy who wanted to get twelve men and kick in our doors and gang rape my family he tryed on his own couldn't get in I still hear my litte sisters screams in my head.

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@Irma thank you for your kindness

How long ago did this happen? Are you getting help? Thanks for sharing and reaching out.

It was a while ago and yes I've been working with a mental health nurse for two years she says I am doing well I am not self harming any more she say it will take a while to recover as she thinks I've had a bad life that's one of many bad things it's hard for some people to understand thank you for your kindness I forgot over time there's still people who care as I spent five years in an area where they all turned a blind eye to what was happening now I have teust issues but am getting better thank if you need anything lete know I want to help others.

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