Bad day. I am traveling this week. It is always a trigger

Bad day. I am traveling this week. It is always a trigger for me because my STBX would cheat when I was on the road. I should be enjoying the time with my co-workers but instead I am drowning in self pity.

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It is all hard, and sad. Hang in there. It gets better

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I'm sorry you are going through, just continue to be strong.

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Thanks for the support. This group always makes me feel better in such tough times.

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Boston, eh? Wicked cool.

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@skhc I am from Dallas so a little bit of a trip :slight_smile:

@fractured_one. I know exactly what you're going through. I travel a fare amount for work and I told my wife, even before I knew about the affair, that the loneliest place on earth for me was my hotel room on a business trip. I told her how I would walk in and instantly miss her and our kids wishing they could be there with me. The only refuge was the time spent with co-workers at a decent restaurant or bar. She knew this was how I felt on a business trip, and then she'd turn around and invite the OM over while I was gone. Now, every time I travel, I think about that conversation. About how badly she disregarded my feelings. As I'm writing this, I'm shaking my head wondering why I'm trying to reconcile with her.

Hang in there. Try to enjoy the time with co-workers. Jump head first into the work. I know exactly how you feel.

Love Boston - There's a great old burger place near Harvard. Can't beat downtown though either. Just can't stand driving there.

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Go explore Boston. Sounds like a great place to visit. I bet the holiday decorations are beautiful. I hope you can see the beauty

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@skhc Can we connect?

I am half way through the week and I must say, SG has been so comforting. Thanks for your support.

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@fractured_one You got this!! I hope Boston has been good to you.

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