Bad days

Having a bad day. Like a person without skin, I've been so sensitive and crying all day.


I am dealing with a lot. But I don't allow myself to cope properly.

Im always jumping to conclusions that I am too sensitive. I haven't figured out why I don't see crying as weakness in anyone else but I always do in myself.

I told myself that when I'm having these unstable bordie moments that instead of doing something impulsive or reckless I would come here, I feel really relieved that I posted.

Is it such a bad thing that there is a more sensitive population of people? I've been pondering if certain mental illness isn't some kind of evolutionary step. That society has it all wrong.

I don't want to lose this side of me that cares. It defines me. I fight for the underdog, I stand up for really good causes, and feel so much compassion for things around me. I want to consider it a gift, but feel this stigma.