Bad night last night. Barely slept, kept waking up, not brea

Bad night last night. Barely slept, kept waking up, not breathing. Been up since four this morn. And it's going on 9 pm. tonight. I'm relaxed now, but just before I get ready for bed, I know the anxiety is going to creep in.

If you suffer from general anxiety and depression or any other mental health disorders then it would definitely help to manage those more. I'm sure you know that being over weight adds to the problem too. You could try different pillows and sleep in your side and or the side of your stomach and what I mean by the side of your stomach is turn over on your stomach and turn your head to one side if you turn your head to the left then bring your left knee up and your right arm up, keep trying that position if you don't already. Also try a quiet fan to keep air moving towards you. Try to keep your chin level not down or up too much.

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@Fohb460 Thanks, I’m a pretty up beat person. And have anxiety rarely, only when my Sleep Apnea is in full swing. I often go 6 months or more without an episode. Sort of like my Menieres… which hits me every few years. Then goes back onto recession.