How do you ever learn to trust her or anyone again in a relationship. If you move on into the next one won't there always be trust issue in your mind from your passed one. Won't it put a strain on your new one before you even get started and ruin it to. Just trying to figure all these things out.

Would be wise to not get too far ahead of yourself & take this time to reflect on YOU & find the answers as to why one meets & surrounds themselves w/someone that would be questionable in a relationship instead of choosing someone who is stable/trustworthy/honorable etc as you'd mentioned your wife having an internet affair but you'd been married for 30yrs so that sounds pretty reliable & stable but maybe lacking enough attention & TLC from one another to keep the relationship fresh somewhat. The answer usually lies within. Your thoughts are very human & reasonable, it all takes time to search through whats really at hand & why & process it. Trust has to be earned, am sure your already aware of that fact. Keep talking w/us here my friend, we're listening.

Take care of you.


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